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Conference on the Future of Work

Conference on the Future of Work

In response to the spread of artificial intelligence and changes in the working environment, APO member countries strived to help their domestic small and medium-sized enterprises transform their mode of production. Therefore, the "Conference on Future of Work" was held in R.O.C. from September 3-5 this year.
During the three-day intensive seminars and courses, foreign experts from various fields, including social sciences, artificial intelligence, labor departments and other fields were invited to present their lecture related to the future working environment. Also, a one-day visit to the Institute was arranged for the participants. Through the measures above, the participants thus could quickly grasp the countermeasures against the changes in the working environment caused by the development of science and technology. 
The students also exchanged their view and prospect on the field of their domestic working environment during meal time, in order to explore the best way to transform the labor environment appropriately. After the five-day seminar, the participants returned with full acquirements. They also hoped to continue to discuss the various activities through multi-country exchanges, on the purpose of strengthening their domestic productivity and find solutions to deal with changes following the fourth industrial revolution in the future.